SIQIの不良iPhone LCDがある場合はどうすればよいですか?

著者: SIQI          ソース:          でリリース: 2018-03-19




1- Firstly please remember to test each iPhone screen before installation. 

If found the screen have problem with touch, 3D Touch or Touch ID when testing, please use other working motherboards to test again to make sure really have the problem or not.

2- If make sure the LCD have problem after double confirmation with different boards, then don't install it any more.

And please remember to keep the protector film to avoid the front glass scratched.

3- If the iPhone China made display have not problem when test, but after installation problem appeared. 

Then disassemble the screen and please remember to keep the protector film to avoid the front glass scratched also.

4- 欠陥のあるLCDの写真またはビデオを見せて、詳細な問題を確認してください。 

インストールの前後にiPhone LCDのガラスが破損していない場合のみ、 


注:フロントガラスに傷が付いた場合は、追加料金を支払う必要があります 工場へ 新しいものを交換します。

5- Usually suggest the customers to wait until the defective LCD quantity more than 10pcs, 


6- Please contact us before return, we will let you know how to ship the defective screen back.


SIQI will provide the consideration after sales service for you. :-)

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